Karen on the Blue River

Karen on the Blue River is a lovely scene of my friend’s granddaughter.

Many techniques were used to achieve the desired look.

This is the quilt as finished before we decided cut the rock to make it a rectangle.

40″wide x 33″ tall

Karen on the Blue River

Detail below and then part of the process I used to build the little girl.

Grandma’s Girls

Years ago, Gary took a picture of me cuddling with my grandgirls.  I looked at the photo and considered it from time to time.  Recently I decided to make it a quilt.

Anya Making Bread

My great grand daughter helping Mom.

The quilt is appliqued features with details painted.

Looking Back


I was looking through old family photos and came across 4 shots that my father took.  They are of my sister, Connie and I, and when I saw the back view-inspiration struck!  I could make a 2 sided quilt!

Techniques: The face side is painted on 1 piece of fabric.  The back side is appliquéd using many fabrics to try to get the effect.  What a fun, challenging project!

Mom (Sanna)

I always loved this photo of my Mom–she said she was 16 when it was taken.

Thread Play


Another exciting Fiber Arts Friends challenge was for each of us to make a self portrait.  We all groaned when Donna brought up the idea.  However, it wasn’t long until the inspiration started flowing and the project got going.  Such fun to see all of the different approaches.

I enjoyed making the project and of course the thread is an identifying item in my life.

Here’s a peek at the process…applique using a sketch guide.

The quilt is applique, with a nylon tulle overlay, and heavily quilted.

All wall quilts have a “sleeve” attached at the top back for easy hanging using a dowel, or curtain rod.

Pet Store

This quilt was inspired by a photo of my grand-nieces. I decided to place them in a doorway of a victorian building I found in Ferndale Ca.  Their little dog Timmy is also featured.

I enjoyed the challenge of the many techniques I used to create this quilt. It is mostly turned edge applique, some free form piecing, with just a touch of paint for shadows.  The animals have heavy thread embroidery.

Machine quilted on my home machine.

All wall quilts have a “sleeve” attached at the top back for easy hanging using a dowel, or curtain rod.

Mommy, Mommy

A finished quilt is always a happy occasion. I thought I’d share the process with you.

It will take a couple of posts to get the stages in. This is a photo I took of my Granddaughter, as she comforted her little guy.

Innocent Delight


A new Great Grand Baby!  What could be better?

Techniques:  Painted on 100% Cotton with SoSoft fabric paints. Heavily quilted.

In Remembrance


Portrait done with thanks, honor, praise.

Techniques: This portrait was painted on off white muslin with fabric paints. I used a man in our church for the model and his wife’s hair.  Heavily quilted.

Models:  Jerry & Wendy McGahuey, inspiration photos taken by Gary Durbin.