Little Miss Bright Eyes


34″ x 39″ tall

I decided it was time to make a quilt of Christina and chose one of her favorite childhood pictures.  I used it as an example for teaching the method to others.

Techniques: Mosaic Picture Piecing using a pixilated picture as a photomap. Heavily quilted.

Little Miss Bright Eyes (back)

Just for fun, I experimented with the back. Using the quilting designs as a guide I colored it in with colored pencils. It was a precursor to the “Looking Back” quilt which followed.

Sunny Girls


Sunny Girls

90”x 70”

I received an email with a wonderful picture of my sister’s twin grandchildren.  How cute! – I kept coming back to it and wondering would there be a way to make it into a quilt???  Several months passed before my new piecing idea and my confidence grew to a point that I was ready to try it. It’s still a favorite–I have used it on my business cards.  I have found that though people don’t remember me— they remember this quilt!

Greg’s Gone Fishing

Greg’s Gone Fishing

55″ x 50″ tall

This quilt was a commissioned piece for my friend Jan as a memory quilt of her son. Inspiration photo of Greg Peticolas fishing in a stream in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in 2001.

Photographer Kimberly Peticolas, Greg’s sister.

Techniques: Free form Picture Piecing using a picture as a photomap. Heavily quilted.