Midnight Sparkle

Midnight Sparkle quilt

Nice lap quilt made with batik fabrics.  Bright and charming. Original pattern.

Midnight Sparkle detail

ready to quilt and backing showing.

Midnight Sparkle back


Mariner’s Compass

This lovely quilt was made from a pattern found in an old American Quilter magazine.  I made it for one of my granddaughters.  Lots of work, but turned out well.

Grandma I Love Blue

Date: 2004

While my son, Danny’s, girls were still young, I thought it might be a good idea to make their “grown-up” quilts.  Making plans, I decided to ask about style and color and Christina said “Grandma, I Just Love Blue”.  So I began.  Because I had no time limit, I collected blues and made a block and stacked it away.  No pressure.  The collection grew and I finally decided it was time to assemble them. Each block is different and has 102 pieces.  I enjoyed the complexity of the pattern and the look of the final project.  It was several years before I was able to pass the quilt on to her, because she’d finally grown up!

Spring Raindrops

10″ X 14″

This is one of the few minature quilts I’ve ever made.  It was a fun challenge for myself and I enjoyed it.

Techniques: Fused applique, accent stitching, heavily quilted and a special curved edge.

This shows part of the construction process

Grandmother’s Resurrected Flower Garden Traditional

This quilt is made from vintage patchwork “Flowers” which are set in contemporary white muslin with reproduction prints in rows.  I quilted it by machine, but with traditional quilting style in mind.  It’s one of my favorites.

Lights Along the Way

Gary and I took a trip to Washington and as we traveled back down the coast we stopped to photograph many lighthouses.

What fun.  I knew that I’d be wanting to make a quilt of them.  It took awhile (smile).

Each lighthouse “circle” was built of various fabrics and machine appliqued.  There is a piping applied around the edge of the scenes

The whole quilt is made of cotton fabrics and machine quilted.

59″ x 69″

All wall hanging quilts have a “sleeve” attached at the top back.  This is used to insert a slat or curtain rod, for easy hanging.

Cross Christmas

1993 Cross Christmas quilt for daughter, Debbie’s family.

Piecemakers Barns

Not for sale

(adapted design of the Piecemaker’s Calendar pattern for 2003)

This quilt was the first I ever entered into a national show, where I got inspiration to try new methods in my quilting.

Technique: It was machine appliquéd and then lots of nice hand work with silk ribbon was added to each square.

Vintage Hopscotch

2001 Vintage Hopscotch – made of feed sack samples and muslin

Because of the vintage materials, I decided to quilt it with traditional quilting designs and really do enjoy the way it turned out.  It’s small, like a baby blanket.

Unspeakable Gift

Singing happily in Vacation Bible School, “The Wordless Book Song”; –I was struck with a thought, “I could make a quilt like that!”
“Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift.” II Corinthians 9:15

Techniques: The Cross is Crazy pieced with many fancy machine stitches.  It’s a “royal” theme, so I decided to use satins and sheers as fabrics.  It also has beads and crystals for sparkle. The quilting on this quilt is some of my better effort.