Get ready to roll

As you may know, I’m getting ready to move a bunch of quilts over to the Morris Graves Museum of Art for an exhibit.  I thought some of you might be interested in how I store my quilts that are not on display. 

Because most of my quilts will hang on a wall, I like to avoid folding them.  Creases will show where they are folded.  (Probably my quilts more than most because of the construction with many tiny pieces of fabric that are densely quilted.)  Anyhow, here’s an example of how I roll.  The pool noodle to the left is shortened for a smaller quilt.  The roll on the right is about 48″ long.  Both quilts that are rolled on it are narrower in one direction or the other  Newport Belle is 78″ wide by 43″ long – Dogwoods is 31″ wide by 80″ long.  I roll the quilts with the narrow dimension and usually roll the front side in.  As you can see the labels on the back of the quilt show, which helps identify which quilts are on the roll.  I tie them with salvage strips saved from fabric.

Then the quilts are stored in my studio closet on shelves…or they are put in a long box to ship to a show.

Tweaking a fabric color

I am making a landscape quilt – I found this fabric, it seems fitting, but a bit too bright.

I decided to try to darken it a bit – this is what I did:

First I backed part of the fabric with freezer paper – this will stabalize it and provide a water barrier. 

I chose Black, Prussian Blue, and Dark Hauser Green, along with a transparent extender.  I spritzed the fabric with water so the paint would be loose.  I used a sponge to spread the paint and then kind of wiped up the extra paint. 

This is the result – showing the difference between the painted piece and the original color. 

We’ll see how well it works as my project progresses.

Out with the Old

It took me several days into the New Year to put away all of the quilts and decorations from Christmas celebrations.  I enjoy having some new and some old worn things around me while I enjoy the Christmas season.

The large nativity set is all packed up in the stable.

The quilts are stacked to be put in the closet.

I’m finally ready to move on to the new year. 

Hope yours is fruitful.

Free – Prairie Point Christmas Ornament Pattern

So easy – you can make a bunch in a couple of hours – I used all scraps.  Dig around and see if you have some that will work. I save my Christmas fabric scraps in a large bag, ready to scrounge for little projects.

Email me if you want a pdf file.

Fold in half diagonally and then fold again for prairie point.

trim if desired.

Awarded 2nd place

Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka, CA, exhibited works from artists of different mediums. 

The exhibit was called: “Towering” inspired by the redwoods.  Of course, that’s right up my alley.  I entered “Richardson’s Grove” and “Miniature Redwoods”.

I’m happy to report that “Richardson’s Grove” won 2nd place People’s Choice award.  I always am excited when a fiber art piece stands up with paintings and other types of artwork.