This quilt was made using a photo of an overblown artichoke as inspiration.  It was dried up and left over from last years garden.  It caught my eye and I decided to use it as I experimented painting on silk.  The result was a fun project – of an unusual flower.

The use of silk has resulted in a very “light weight” feeling quilt.

It was displayed at the International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2021.  Also at the Redwood Art Assn. Feb. 2022 (given Honorable Mention)

33″ x 38″

Bailey, close up

This close up of Bailey’s head was used as an example when I was a guest on  The demo is available online, if you want to be a member of that online show.


Sequoia Trail

One of my favorite subjects, the redwood forest.  This one is small and is in the mosaic style that I enjoy.

19″ x 23″

sequoia trail

Midnight Sparkle

Midnight Sparkle quilt

Nice lap quilt made with batik fabrics.  Bright and charming. Original pattern.

Midnight Sparkle detail

ready to quilt and backing showing.

Midnight Sparkle back


Day in the Forest

This tiny quilt was made for a Studio Art Quilt Assn challenge.  It was a scene found in the Arcata Redwood Forest.  7″ x 9″

Day in the Forest nqm

This tiny quilt was a photo transfer onto silk fabric and then heavily machine quilted.

I was honored to have the National Quilt Museum choose it for their Miniature quilt display–and then to feature it on March 14, 2021  #quiltmuseum30th


Tall Trees

Tall Trees Quilt

One thing you will notice if you visit a redwood forest…the people will all look up.  You can’t resist, they are just amazing.  This is done in my mosaic method with heavy quilting and sun rays  highlighted.

31″ wide x 44″ tall

Sun rays

This quilt was juried into and displayed at Pacific Int’l Quilt Festival in 2018


The Guardian

The scene for the Guardian was set at Stone Lagoon.

The sky is woven, with collaged fabrics for the rest of the picture – except for the buck.  He was painted on ultra suede – detail below.    39″ wide x 32″

Displayed and Humboldt Arts Council Show November 2019

Redwood Memories

Commissioned for a friend who grew up in the redwoods of California.

As girls we ran and played in the forests, hence my love, (and hers) of this area.

I used my Mosaic piecing for the foreground and then collaged the remaining scene.  The edge is finished with tiny piping, with a double corner treatment. (as shown during construction)

24″ wide x 51″ tall







Karen on the Blue River

Karen on the Blue River is a lovely scene of my friend’s granddaughter.

Many techniques were used to achieve the desired look.

This is the quilt as finished before we decided cut the rock to make it a rectangle.

40″wide x 33″ tall

Karen on the Blue River

Detail below and then part of the process I used to build the little girl.

Thomsen Barn T

The second quilt made of this round barn for my friend.  This one is a different angle of the scene. I enjoyed having the opportunity to do another one.

The whole adventure of traveling to take pictures with my husband and seeing the barn after 12 years was fun. The sad part is that the barn had collapsed in the interim.  Thankfully we had pictures from the earlier time at a different angle so that this quilt would be a little different.

45″ wide x 32″ tall

Below you see the painted barn with thread being applied for texture. then the fence which was the last touch, couched over the quilted piece.

Round Barn Fence