A Time to Sow

We lived in the Midwest for several years and this scene is typical of the farmland, ready to go.

This quilt was featured as a pattern in my first book “Mosaic Picture Quilts”. pub Martingale & Co. 2007

I decided recently to offer it for sale.

Mosaic picture quilts are made with many squares of cotton fabrics. Before the quilting process they are overlaid with fine netting (tulle). Machine quilted.

All wall quilts have a “sleeve” attached at the top back for easy hanging using a dowel, or curtain rod.

Rugged Beauty

This simple quilt was inspired by a photo taken by my son as he traveled to help out in the Katrina disaster.  I loved the rugged feel.

The quilt really is a silhouette of the mountain on a sky background

It is made in the Mosaic method with cotton fabrics and a tulle overlay. It is machine quilted.


All wall quilts have a “sleeve” attached at the top back for easy hanging using a dowel, or curtain rod.

Miniature Redwood

I decided to make a tiny quilt from one of the photos we took at Richardson’s Grove recently.  I enjoyed it so much I decided to make a large quilt (Majestic Redwoods)

The quilt is Mosaic pieced with a tulle overlay.  It is heavily machine quilted.

Here’s a close up of the stitching – extra threadwork to resemble the boughs.


Turbulence   24″ x 20″

This small quilt is inspired by a local beach, Dry Lagoon in Northern California.  We love to walk there and enjoy the sea breezes as well as hunt for agates among the sand.

Techniques: Mosaic Picture Piecing using a picture as a photomap. Heavily quilted. Tiny beach stones to enhance.


Multnomah Falls


Inspired by a photo taken by a friend, Joyce Coffman, Multnomah Falls on the Columbia River, OR

Distant Island

This inspiring Hawaiian scene was sent by a friend, Lynn Corbaley, of the small island called Distant Island.

Techniques: Paint on Wholecloth, heavy threadplay, tulle overlay, heavy quilting.  There are also a few glass beads for sparkle.

Winter Evergreens


This shot was taken in Colorado (in May).

Technique: Mosaic Picture pieced sky, appliqué and threadwork for tree details.  Tulle overlay.


Winter Walk


Gary took this shot in Prairie Creek Park in our wonderful region.  We walked through on the day after Christmas.  Everything was wet and mossy and we had a lovely day.  The really special thing about this quilt is the heavy thread work for the boughs.

Techniques: Mosaic Picture Piecing background.  Machine quilted.

Mystery Flower


My son shared his pictures from Hawaii with me. I looked for a name for this interesting flower and finally called it a mystery. Later I found out it was some sort of ginger plant.

Techniques: Simple pieced background with applique flower and leaves over top. Machine Quilted


Winter Lake

This little quilt was inspired by a visit to Glacier National Park.  What a lovely place.

Techniques: Paint on cotton fabric, applique trees, thread painted and then heavily quilted.

All wall quilts have a sleeve on the top back for ease in hanging with a dowel or rod.