..so lovely as a Tree

On our way to American Quilt Assn’s Grand Rapids show again!! (August 10-13, 2016)

Once again our Fiber Art Group has finished a project in which we each made a separate quilt on a united theme.  This time it’s a tree.  We each chose our own image but followed guidelines for size:  31″ wide and 80″ tall.  We found as we worked on them that that’s a pretty big quilt!

Kevin’s Pots


This quilt was Edith’s idea – it was way back before the current group of Fiber Art Friend was set.  This is when I was asked to join the group.

Edith found this group of pots while walking, they were sort of 2nds in Kevins art.  She asked for permission to photo them to use for a quilt and was granted that permission.  Then the challenge began.

The photo was cut into 8 pieces and each person was given only their piece.  It was a bit hard to visualize what we were making–kind of working blind.

So following directions and adding the yellow and outside border, we all went to work.  Below you will see the day that we met and finally saw what the quilt would look like.

It’s Me- Selfie Project

Another exciting challenge was for each of us to make a self portrait.  We all groaned when Donna brought up the idea.  However, it wasn’t long until the ideas started flowing and the project got going.  Such fun to see all of the different approaches.

Heartfelt Stamps


The thought of making little stamps which depict a heartfelt event brought about several little quiltlets which indeed stirred our hearts.

Each person was to make several small quilts which were then assembled to make a large piece.

Bridge Project


Each artist chose a local bridge to make an individual quilt.  We have shown them as a group several times.

Floral Promise


A fun project with experimental hanging system.  Directions were given for size and color for a rainbow effect.  Gray backgrounds and embelishments were to be used.  Buttons were part of the hanging system.

in order of panels:

Maggie Stimson, Donna Parker, Rosalinda Brainerd, Edith Harmer, Jody Rusconi, Diane May, Pat Durbin


FiberArt Friends Group


What fun we’ve had making quilted art projects together.

Most of the time after an idea is decided upon, each person goes home and creates their portion individually.  We often have guidelines such as size and sometimes color requirements, but we like to leave the creative spirit lots of room to design as each artist sees fit.

Life-Size California Condor


This very large quilt was inspired by Jody Rusconi.  She and her husband, Lee, visited Ventana Wildlife Preserve at Big Sur, CA.  She mentioned the awesome sights they saw at a luncheon of the group.  Everyone was so excited by the idea of these very large birds flying free, we decided to make a quilt. (That’s what we do.)  Jody requested that if we make one, it be donated to the Ventana Preserve when we finished showing it at quilt shows.  So that’s the plan.

We decided to make the slices each person designed independant panels, to represent the condor flying free.

We’re happy to have it completed and will enjoy watching it as we display it over the country.

in order of panels:

Maggie Stimson, Jody Rusconi, Gerry Smeltzer, Rosalinda Brainerd, Donna Parker, Diane May, Edith Harmer, Pat Durbin

Honey, I Can’t Find My Earrings!


Our group: Fiber Art Friends has completed another fun project.

The Story:  One day we met (8 of us) for a dye day.  We colored lots of fabric and each one brought jewelry from our collections.  Some of it is left over from our Moms.  So pictures were taken and a pattern drawn up.  The pattern was divided into 7 panels since one person could not participate this time.  Anyhow…here it is all sewn together and ready to be shown to the world.



This quilt was inspired by a photo taken by my husband, Gary.  It’s a view Humboldt Bay from the Marina.

Group quilt by (left to right) Maggie Stimson, Diane May, Donna Parker (3 & 5), Jody Rusconi, Rosalinda Brainerd, Pat Durbin, and Edith Harmer

Each artist used her own techniques and interpretations for this slice quilt.