Delicate Blossoms Kit


Photo Map Kits include:

  1. High quality cotton for painting  (fabric for backing or binding is not included)
  2. Photo map of picture – ready to be enlarged to size
  3. Color picture of subject for your reference.
  4. Book will be required for instructions on how to paint on fabric


If you do not already own the book, “Fabric+Paint+Thread=Fabulous”, please order it in addition to the kit of your choice.

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Color Name Color letter numb pt1 numb 2
Canary Yellow DSS 89 26
Christmas Red (Primary) DSS 25 26
Dark Chocolate DSS 23 26
Green Apple DSS 75 26
Hauser Dark Green DSS 46 26
Lamp Black DSS 24 26
True Green DSS 44 26
White DSS 1 26