Ominous Beauty Project


Donna found these mushrooms and photographed them in various ways.  We each got a photo to work with and created a quilt.

We entered them at the American Quilter’s Society Show in Grand Rapids: “The Ultimate Guild Challenge” and won 1st place there!! This was a fun project and I’m always amazed by the variety of styles that come from this group of artists.

Spending A Day at Woodley Island


Once again this is a project of the Fiber Arts Group –this time Rosalinda was the one who came up with the idea.

We decided on a format for thef quilts of approximately 30″.  We all met at Woodley Island in Humboldt Bay on an appointed day.  We walked the area with out cameras and took many pictures. Then we had lunch and excitedly discussed some of the things we’d seen.  Maggie treated us to an excursion on the Madaket where, of course, many more pictures were taken.  What a wonderful, fun day it was.

Next we went home an each person picked a picture or idea and made a quilt of it. This kind of format lends itself well to the American Quilter’s Society show in Grand Rapids.  They call this division “The Ultimate Guild Challenge” and our group placed 3rd in that part of the show!  Wow! we were thrilled.

A Day at Woodley Island

–8 quilts–  This project was especially fun.  It started with a wonderful gathering of the group.  We each brought our camera and spent most of the day at Woodley Island in Humboldt Bay.  Pictures were taken, followed by lunch at the Marina Cafe.  Then Maggie treated us to a trip on the Madaket.  Then we all went home and made a quilt inspired by the day.