Honey, I Can't Find My Earrings!

70" x 59"   2012


Our group: Fiber Art Friends has completed another fun project. 

The Story:  One day we met (8 of us) for a dye day.  We colored lots of fabric and each one brought jewelry from our collections.  Some of it is left over from our Moms.  So pictures were taken and a pattern drawn up.  The pattern was divided into 7 panels since one person could not participate this time.  Anyhow...here it is all sewn together and ready to be shown to the world.


American QS, Paducah April 2013  
Redwood Acres, Eureka June 2013 1st place
Redwood Empire QG July 2013  
Int'l Quilt F, Houston October 2013 Honorable Mention
 World Of Beauty Exhibit Tour of several shows and the Tx Museum
Pacific International Santa Clara October 2014  
Road to Calif. Ontario, CA Jan 2015