Floral Promise

86”x 34”  2011

A fun project with experimental hanging system.  Directions were given for size and color for a rainbow effect.  Gray backgrounds and embelishments were to be used.  Buttons were part of the hanging system. 

in order of panels: 

Maggie Stimson, Donna Parker, Rosalinda Brainerd, Edith Harmer, Jody Rusconi, Diane May, Pat Durbin

The day we put it all together:




Mid Atlantic February 2012 Judge's Choice
Redwood Acres, Eureka June 2012 2nd Place group
Quilt Odyssey, Hershey, PA July 2012 1st Place
Road to California January 2013  
Humboldt Co. Fair August 2013 2nd place
Pacific Int'l, Santa Clara, CA October 2013  
Area 1 on Aging Exhibit Spring 2014  
Senior Resource Center July 2014  
The Quilter Magazine December 2012 article