Life-size  California Condor

97”x 71”  2014

This very large quilt was inspired by Jody Rusconi.  She and her husband, Lee, visited Ventana Wildlife Preserve at Big Sur, CA.  She mentioned the awesome sights they saw at a luncheon of the group.  Everyone was so excited by the idea of these very large birds flying free, we decided to make a quilt. (That's what we do.)  Jody requested that if we make one, it be donated to the Ventana Preserve when we finished showing it at quilt shows.  So that's the plan. 

We decided to make the slices each person designed independant panels, to represent the condor flying free.

We're happy to have it completed and will enjoy watching it as we display it over the country.

in order of panels: 

Maggie Stimson, Jody Rusconi, Gerry Smeltzer, Rosalinda Brainerd, Donna Parker, Diane May, Edith Harmer, Pat Durbin